Gold Dust

Gold Dust

"No, I am not surprised there was a wrestler based on gay panic. It was Pro Wrestling in the mid-90’s."

Nick Arcade

Nick Arcade

"That is really cool and I wish I were a contestant."

Social Distortion

"What is that? Is that a band?"

-Watches video for ‘Ball and Chain’-

"This seriously looks like when they "MTV" Winona Ryder’s documentary in Reality Bites

Editor’s Note: Upon further investigation, she does know the song “Story of My Life”… because it was on the soundtrack for Reality Bites



"How am I supposed to keep track of all the X-Men?  There’s like, 28 of them."


Tron (Seriously… No light cycles. No users. Nothing)

"This movie looks terrible. Is the whole movie like this?"

Robert Z’Dar

Brian Boitano


Monsters in my Pocket

Monsters in My Pocket

"What? You’re speaking gibberish."

The Clash - “Janie Jones”

"I understand that I should know this song, but like… How many Brit punks are there in Summit, NJ?"

Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano

"Do people actually know male figure skaters by name though? Like, I can only name 3 figure skaters… total"

The Money Pit


After seeing it:

"How do people not talk about this movie all the time? This movie’s hilarious."